About our Blooms

Unlike the majority of flowers available in the UK which have been flown in from overseas, ours are freshly picked, have virtually no carbon footprint and no air miles.

Flowers from The Fellside Flower Company are not drenched in chemicals so retain their delicious scent and will continue to grow in the vase. Likewise, we rather like bees and butterflies so we don’t use chemical pesticides and welcome a wide biodiversity on our flower field. We grow flowers in this way, not just because we think they are more beautiful, but because we believe that people can make a difference choosing sustainably grown flowers. Find out how and where to buy your flowers.

Reflecting the Seasons

The flower field reflects the seasons and the weather, so the types and colours of flowers vary throughout the year. This ever-changing harvest is one of the most appealing aspect of British-grown flowers. Reflecting the wonderful variety of British cut flowers and the excitement of seasonal changes there is always something different to harvest at its best as the year progresses, including fresh herbs, foraged hedgerow foliage and wildflowers to compliment our blooms. We are committed to growing and supplying our flowers with care for the natural environment.

Our home-grown flowers are available from around April to October.  To top up our supply, particularly at the beginning and end of the season, we source flowers from trusted growers in other parts of the UK . Find out how to buy your flowers today.

Caring for your flowers

Flowers from The Fellside Flower Company have been grown, freshly cut and carefully arranged. To get the best out of them simply provide a spotlessly clean vase and fresh water.

Remove all packaging – it is reusable, compostable or recyclable.

Snip a centimetre off the stems at an angle with sharp scissors or secateurs and place immediately into fresh water.

Place them in a cool place away from draughts, sunny windowsills, radiators and ripening fruit.

We don’t use flower preserving chemicals so the flowers will keep developing and growing in the vase. Replace the water and snip the stems again every 2 days to keep your flowers looking good for up to a week or more. If any flowers do fade then remove them, leaving the rest to go on blooming. Enjoy your flowers!

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