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Expanding the flower field

Winter is traditionally not a time for much gardening or outdoor work.? Not so on a flower farm! The 4 acre field we took over in 2016 had been grazing land for many years, and most of it still is.? We had started with the basics – our first job being to replace much of the stock fencing around the edge, ?and fence off an area to plant and see how things grew here that first summer.

The soil is good, the flowers grew well, the Helm wind didn’t batter us too much and at the end of the season, we decided to double the growing area.?? The triple challenges of sheep, rabbits and the wind mean a cunning (and costly!) fence is needed.? So on Boxing Day we started putting in a new line of our tried and tested fence-sandwich.? First a stock fence; then low rabbit netting half of which is importantly laid (or buried) on the ground to deter under-fence digging; and in between we sandwiched wind netting.?? The icing on the cake is row of native hedgerow which in years to come will provide foliage, berries and hips for cutting and habitat for wildlife.

The extended growing area is now about an acre and was finished by the end of January.? Inside it we are setting out beds – and that’s another job that’s going to keep us busy until the end of winter.

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