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New season, new brand!

Almost more exciting than the arrival of the first flowers of spring is being able to unveil the fabulous new look for The Fellside Flower Company.? One of the most iconic flowers of the British countryside and also one my favourite flowers is the blue cornflower.?? I grew them for the first wedding I did, to match the brides stunning blue shoes.? Customers buying them at our first farmers market stall reminisced about their childhoods.? Flower farmers have a love hate relationship with them because they can be a difficult tangle of stems to pick but we keep sowing them because we love them.? I think they speak beautiful and British in volumes.

Thank you to the hugely talented Jili Allen [weblink] for developing beautiful artwork, designs and a fabulous website which we hope our customers will love.? Do get in touch to let us know what you think!? Meanwhile, I’d better go and sow some cornflowers??.

[? round ‘stamp’ image]

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